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What We Do

CTO Services

Fractional CTO Services

Our experienced technology leadership is available to provide expert guidance to your executive team on a part-time basis. We can perform a full architectural review of your current applications, databases, and infrastructure, help you establish an agile engineering process and/or team, develop short and long term product roadmaps, define security and business continuity strategies, and provide budgeting and expense planning/analysis.

Software Development

Software development

The core of our business is software engineering. We can build large and small scale projects on Linux and Microsoft platforms, supporting all major languages and frameworks including PHP, Python, .NET, and Java. Have a non-traditional project? Just ask - we hire smart people that can figure it out.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our team has years of experience in cloud architecture, operations, and transformation, with Amazon Web Services certified engineers on staff. We can build out projects on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Your monthly bill got you down? We also specialize in cloud cost optimization - analyzing your architecture to help reduce spend.



Whether it is a website, backend middleware, or a mobile app, we can own the testing and final quality. We believe in an automation-first approach - automate what we can to maximize development velocity



Aither can manage applications and infrastructure to ensure 24x7 coverage. We can also help automating deployments using tools like OpsWorks, Chef, Jenkins, and Puppet, to ensure a rapid, agile development cycle. We have engineers have run large SaaS applications that can deploy features and patches at anytime - with no downtime. Ask us how!

Mobile Development


Bring your iOS or Android projects and let us achieve your vision. We can help design the UI, build out the application, and manage the publishing process into the Apple App and Google Play Stores.


"Aither Technology has done a fantastic job with our engineering needs. The quality of our web applications and our mobile apps has increased dramatically, and we are releasing new features constantly. Communication with the team has been great - they are really doing awesome work for us."
Gary Hensley
Gary Hensley
President, LivingTree